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Plush Toys

Plush Toys

Let’s be real, a lot of you will have a dog that is in love with stuffed plush toys. They will carry them around everywhere they go, or sit there licking it, snuggled right up to it, or literally try and shake it to death. But have you ever though why they so obsessed? One theory is that a lot of dogs bred for hunting and retrieving like to have things in their mouth, it is something that is innate in their nature. Another reason could be they can really bite down and shake the toy around, almost like a simulated kill. Personally, I think there is a certain comfort and smell that surrounds a plush toy that encourages them to collect and play with toys just like a human child would do.

It is important when selecting stuffed toys that you give your dog one that is safe, avoiding anything with plastic eyes or little pieces that can be chewed off as a choking hazard. Similarly to when you are selecting toys for a baby or toddler.


16th August 2020

Source: Gigwi Australia 

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