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Advocate Purple For Large Cat Over 4kg


About this product

Advocate Flea, Heartworm and Worms Treatment for Cats Over 4kg, 6 Months Supply Purple

Advocate Purple is formulated for cats over 4kg . This all-in-one parasite protection is highly effective on several parasites and combats all life stages.

Monthly treatment helps to protect your cat from heartworm, lungworm, fleas, gastrointestinal worms and ear mites. A single dose of Advocate can rid your cat of an earmite infection.

An effective way to eliminate fleas, heartworm and worms

  • Spot-on application is easy - just apply to back of cat's neck.
  • Protects your family from gastrointestinal worms passed on from your cat.
  • Stops fleas from biting almost immediately and eliminates fleas on contact (no bite necessary).
  • Contains an the active ingredient that protects against heartworm.
  • Waterproof and lasts the entire month.

Suitable for large cats over 4kg.

Pack of 6 for a 6 month supply.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Absolutely fantastic product. Easy to use with no mess and the only flea treatment that works for my cat. Works within about 15- 30 mins of application. Will definitely buy this in the future. Thank you Super Pets!

no allergic reaction

This product works well and is easy to apply. The fumes from it does seem to hurt our cats eyes for a little while.

Best all in one protection for large cats

Great all in one monthly protection from flees, worms and heartworms for my two 5kg cats. Best price on the market at Super Pets.