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Halti Headcollar No Pull Dog Harness


About this product

Halti - The leader in pet harnesses!

The latest Halti Headcollar has been fully redesigned with a new no pull function which is highly responsive so owners see immediate results and the dog can learn quicker. The design also increases stability preventing the headcollar sliding on the dog’s face. Built to manage even the strongest pullers, Halti Headcollars are lightweight with a fully padded noseband and no heavy metal work on the dog’s face to maximise dog comfort.

Features & Benefits
  • Cushioned - Provides maximum comfort with padded noseband
  • Adjustable straps
  • Patented design
  • Your dog an pant, drink and eat freely
  • Front control - stops pulling by controlling the direction of dog from the head
  • Safety clip - connects to the dogs collar for extra security


Size 0 (Extra Small): This is an extra small size. It fits smaller dogs like Mini Dachshunds, Toy Poodles, Yorkies and Pugs.


Size 1 (Small): 32-41cm neck circumference. Suitable for breeds similar in size to West Highland Terrier / Jack Russel / Dachshund.

Size 2 (Medium): 36-47cm neck circumference. Suitable for breeds similar in size to Kelpie / Vizla.

Size 3( Large): 40-45cm neck circumference. Suitable for breeds similar in size to Labrador / Pointer.

Size 4 (X Large): 45-62cm neck circumference. Suitable for breeds similar in size to Rottweiler / Bernese Mountain Dog


Size 5 (XX-Large): This is the best for large-built dogs like Bloodhounds and St Bernards.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Vivek P.

Good product

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Why did we not use one of these from the start? Our first dog was always good to walk to heel on or off lead, but our second a lab flat-coat cross, has a highly developed tracking instinct in her genes. She will walk to heel off lead, but when we have to use the lead she pulls, to the extent that I have sustained minor tendon damage. We were wondering if we had made a mistake buying her, I had to do something before the damage to my wrists became more of an issue due to the daily injuries. Dog walks had gone from pleasurable experiences to something we dreaded and painful when a lead was involved.

We followed the enclosed instruction and fed her treats through the Halti, for a couple of days and put it on her for two meals. On the third day we put it on her for a walk. The transformation was instant, no pulling what so ever, almost like a totally different dog. She did paw at it a bit but gently pulling the lead and a command got her walking by my side again, then a reward for the good walking behaviour. We did get through a few extra treats on that first walk. I can now take her on the lead using literally one finger.

Such a simple and humane device. From the dogs point of view I think the Halti may be an irritation at worst, certain no pain or major restriction involved, which is reassuring when she paws at it. I would highly recommend this product to any one who has a dog that pulls excessively, or pulls suddenly in response to certain trigger situations, it quite simply stops the behaviour. If we get another pup or adult dog they will be introduce to a Halti from day one.

We had no doubts about the quality of Halti products as we have been using Halti leads for many years. This item mains our faith in the quality of their products.

Changed me life I am no longer dragged down the street!

After trying different collars , harnesses and trying to train to heal .... when I had good intentions of walking my petite 10 month old border collie pup who is around 15kg for lovely walks , he made walking to the field an absolute nightmare ... I was embarrassed at him dragging me down the street , and frustrated and trying to keep a close lead that my hands would be throbbing not a pleasure at all I used to drive to the field and let him straight off the lead, off the lead he is fantastic on the lead he is a devil!

Wearing a collar he would be choking himself but still wouldn’t stop the pulling , wearing a harness turned him into a steam train giving him power to drag me.

I’ve researched and looked at all my options , figure of 8 leads, Haiti’s and just basic training I’m no expert but I tried my best. I was originally put off of the halti because of the nose strap I don’t think it looks kind on the dog.

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Works a treat. Our 9mth old Aussie Shepherd is very responsive to the halti and does not pull at all. Very comfortable for him and easy to adjust. It makes him a pleasure to walk.

sarah h.
Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Excellent product and delivery service....a game dog doesn't pull on halti...not as reactionary to other dogs on walk...generally more not stressed and sore from dog pulling like a much clamer demeanour overall.