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Halti No Pull Harness


About this product

HALTI No Pull Dual Attachment Dog Training Harness (Harness only, no leash included) 

A great option for puppies prone to pulling on the leash, it's safer than a choking collar and much easier to use than a head collar (which can take a little while for a dog to get used to having things over its face). With a unique design that offers two no pull functions:

(1) The rear connection will tighten when your dog starts to pull and help to lift the dog

(2) The front connection will help to turn your dog around so it can no longer face the direction it's trying to pull. This is particularly helpful with stronger dogs, as the harder the dog pulls, the more it will help to turn it around

For best results, it's best to use the Halti Dual Attachment Leash.


Additional Features

  • Padded chest panel and straps for extra comfort
  • Reflective chest panel to keep you and your dog safe at night
  • High-quality fabrics that will last and comfortable to handle


What Size


Place a tape measure snugly around the BASE of your dog's neck (i.e. the point where it joins with the chest) and check the measurement below.

SMALL : 26-36cm

MEDIUM: 34 -56cm

LARGE: 48-66cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Yes, I'd recommend this product.

We got this halti harness specifically to stop our 7 month lab puppy from pulling. We had already purchased the Halti Headcollar which also worked really well on stopping our puppy from pulling.
However she didn't really like wearing the headcollar and was always trying to remove it and rubbing her muzzle on our legs all the time.
So we tried the harness together with the Halti Double ended lead. Immediately our puppy took to the harness. It had the same effect as the headcollar, stopping her pulling, without the head rubbing. It also seems to have calmed her down when meeting other dogs when she's on the lead.
There are no clips so we have to step her front legs in and out, but this isn't too difficult to do.
The harness has padding on the straps, and hasn't rubbed or irritated her skin.
She is now a joy to walk and also seems to enjoys herself more when on the lead. She is definitely more comfortable in the harness, looking and feeling more under control.
We are extremely pleased with the purchase and would recommend it based on our experiences.

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I can easily walk with my untrained puppy.

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Very good for my strong puller dog, she couldn't pull any longer with this Halti. Can recommend this to anyone with a strong puller dog.

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Wow what a difference. I am now walking my dog not my dog walking me. My arms thank the designer of this harness.