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PAW Complete Calm 300G


About this product

PAW Complete Calm Chews are tasty kangaroo based chews that contain key ingredients such as Tryptophan (180mg per chew), B group vitamins, and a blend of multivitamins and nutrients to support the general health and nervous function in dogs.

PAW Complete Calm is the new and improved formula of PAW Multi+Tryptophan. 

Why use

Tryptophan has been demonstrated to benefit dogs displaying signs of:

  • Stress related behaviours such as vocalisation, marking and changes in appetite
  • Anxiety induced aggression
  • General anxiety driving changes in serotonin levels (eg. separation anxiety, travel anxiety). 

When to use

For dogs that benefit from increased nutritional levels, particularly pets that would benefit from:

  • Tryptophan supplementation
  •  Comprehensive B Group vitamin supplementation



PAW Complete Calm Chews are available in a 300 g tub.  Each tub contains approximately 60 chews.

To maintain your pet’s vitality and health, feed daily as follows:

Dog weight / Daily Chew

  • 0-4 kg: ½ chew
  • 5-14 kg: 1 chew
  • 15-29 kg: 2 chews
  • 30 kg+: 3 chews


Physical description

A dark brown, flat round dog chew. Approximately 5g.


Complete Calm Ingredients

Kangaroo meat & meal, rye flour, flaxseed, binders and stabilisers, soy flour, water, tryptophan, processing aids, sodium chloride (salt), vitamin C, methylsulfonyl methane (MSM), colour & flavour, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc sulphate (zinc), pantothenic acid (B5), iron sulphate (iron), vitamin E, niacin (B3), riboflavin (B2), thiamine (B1), manganese oxide, pyridoxine (B6),vitamin K3, vitamin A, calcium iodate (iodine), selenium, folic acid, cyancobalamin (B12), biotin, copper sulphate (copper).

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Love these. I noticed a difference within a week in my Staffy pup. She was calmer when left alone and her anxiety got much better. My pet loves them also, eats them like they're treats and used them as training treats as well. Great product.

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I've been using these for my anxious dog and they have been working well - he gobbles them down with his dinner. He has mild anxiety shown by licking.


This is has helped my kelpie calm down when I have to leave home. No more barking and crying when I leave him to go to the shops. It won't work the first time but if you give it to them daily it will definitely show that they are more relaxed.

Seem to be working

My small dog ( just over 5kg) is a nervous little barker. After a couple of days of these he seems more relaxed and not barking at wind and anything that moves. They have an unusual smell but he gobbles them down. Will be great value if they continue their promising start.

Jennifer H.
Yes, I'd recommend this product.

My 3year old Wolfhound X Ridgeback is the most nervous dog I have ever seen when it's windy outside. She's also very hyperactive and just nervous in general. Everyday morning we crumble x1 complete calm chew into her breakfast (as she won't eat the chews alone). We have been purchasing these for a year now and it has improved her overall nervousness, it has not made much of an impact during extremely windy days however (on these days we give x2 chews). Am going to try in conjunction with a calming collar (pheromones) to see if that helps. Would still recommend trying this product with any nervous pooch because on the 2 occasions we missed this product the difference was noticeably worse.