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PAW Osteosupport® Joint Care Powder for Cats

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About this product

A highly concentrated green-lipped mussel powder that is clinically proven to provide arthritis relief for cats.


Natural green lipped mussel powder (Perna128®) manufactured using lower temperatures for a highly concentrated product;


  • With high levels of Omega 3 (EPA, DHA & ETA) for joint pain relief for cats.
  • Includes a natural source of glycosaminoglycans (Chondroitin 6 Sulfate) that are key nutrients required for cartilage production to aid joint care.
  • Measured capsule dose that is easy to open and sprinkle on food, for even the fussiest of cats.
  • Low cost daily dose starting from only 62 cents for cats. (See research section). 


Why use

  • For cats displaying the clinical signs of arthritis: e.g. lameness, reluctance to rise, reduced mobility.
  • For cats that are ‘slowing down’ with age or struggling to jump up.
  • As an adjunct with pharmaceutical pain relief for cats. eg. NSAIDs


Additional Information

Cats get arthritis too!

As cats get older they simply seem to slow down with age, however research suggests that many cats suffer from Osteoarthritis.  Perna128®, the highly concentrated green lipped mussel powder in PAW Osteosupport for cats, is a freshly harvested green lipped mussel, that is manufactured at lower temperatures following a one step propriety process for a higher yield of nutrients to provide:

  • Advanced Arthritis Care - Joint pain relief for dogs: In a recent trial of over 111 dogs and cats, 80% of pet owners saw improved mobility in less than 3 weeks, stating their pets were happier and enjoying a better quality of life.
  • Highly palatable & easy to administer: 98% of owners said Osteosupport is highly palatable and is easy to give to their cat, either as treat or sprinkled in their food.
  • Effective at reducing inflammation: Up to 6 times more effective than glucosamine at reducing inflammation. A highly concentrated green lipped mussel powder that is clinically proven to provide arthritis relief for cats. Provided in a measured capsule that can be opened and sprinkled onto food.



  • 500 mg Perna128® green lipped mussel powder, encapsulated in a two piece gelatin capsule
  • Dose at 1 capsule daily
  • Available in 60 capsules per bottle.



Use with precaution in pregnant or lactating animals. Contraindicated for use in animals with allergy to seafood (typically demonstrated by inducing vomiting). For Animal Treatment Only.


Physical description

A light green powder in a clear two-piece capsule.



Osteosupport® Joint Care Powder For Cats Ingredients


Contains 500 mg Perna128® Green Lipped Mussel in a two piece gelatin capsule.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Yes, I'd recommend this product.

My 15 year old little girl loves her fresh meat with the contents of a capsule sprinkled on top. She has only been on the treatment for about 3 weeks,so has probably not achieved full benefit yet, but runs about quite easily already. I would recommend this product, as it is well accepted and easy to administer

Yes. I'd recommend this product!

Since my cat turned 7, I have been giving these capsules to him. I simply sprinkle them over some wet food, and he eats it with no fuss. He certainlyprefers this over fish oil capsules! I am giving these to him to prevent future bone/joint health issues. He has been on them for a year, and so far no problems have arisen. His coat is shiny, and his teeth are healthy. I think they are a great product for cats, and I will continue to give it to my cat for the rest of his life.

Jose A.
Yes, I'd recommend this product.

My VET recommend this product, looking forward to the magic

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

My cat is almost 19 and suffers with very bad arthritis where her back is in spasms and she limps around the house. I asked the vet for something butall she recommended was a steroid product that could damage her kidneys, so I looked for an alternative.I found this product and am very happy, as my cat Rosie is. It has made her life much more comfortable and the way you use it by shaking onto food from the capsule works for us. It took a couple of days for her to accept it, but now she seems to look forward to the taste mixed in with her food. Great alternative

Erin S.
I've seen some improvement..

My cat is a big girl, an overweight tabby and she's nearly 11 years old. I've been mixing the powder from the capsules into her food for about three weeks now. Her gait seems to have improved - her walking is less stilted and is easily jumping up her cat tower