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Lavender & Tea Tree Dog Shampoo 500ml


About this product

Our Private Dog Shampoo by Super Pets is a mild, foaming sulfate-free pet shampoo that has a light scent and is designed to deliver gentle cleansing to the coat and skin without stripping the natural oils.

This Shampoo is pH balanced for a dog's skin with a blend of oils along with quinoa protein to protect and help keep your smooches skin hydrated.

Provided in a Lavender & Tea Tree Scent added to Spiced Cucumber, This leaves your smooch smelling refreshed after their wash.

We have made sure this product is:

- 100% Vegan 

- 100% Made in Australia (Sunshine Coast)

- Cruelty-Free 

- Organic Ingredients 

- Sulphate & Paraben Free 

- Unique to Super Pets


Directions of use:

Massage a small amount into wet fur then rinse thoroughly. 


We recommend this goes along with our dog spritzer and conditioner spray to result in the most refreshed bathing time. 

Dog Spritzer & Conditioner Sold Separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Yes, I'd recommend this product.

We used this when washing our dogs and it smells great, leaves their coat looking nice too. It's awesome to see great products coming from the Sunshine Coast!