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Free Metro Shipping over $59! Use Code "Free-Metro" 🐶🐱🐹🐰🐔🐍🐠🇦🇺

Vetsense Avi-LYTE Electrolytes for Poultry 500ml


About this product

Vetsense Avi-LYTE is a liquid electrolyte to provide energy and replace electrolytes lost during periods of stress.

Common stress factors are

  • very hot days
  • illness
  • transportation
  • vaccination.

It is also shown that, mixed with a Calcium supplement, it can improve eggshell quality, in particular during the hotter months (greater than 25 degrees Celsius).


  • Potassium ions 21.76g
  • Sodium ions 0.6715
  • Chloride ions 22.77g
  • Magnesium ions 0.0223g
  • Glucose 30g

Directions for Use:
Use 4mL per 2kg body weight, in 500mL of water for each bird. Give daily during very hot weather and whenever stress is caused.

Please note this product can be consumed neat, please follow direct dose rate of 4mL per 2kg body weight.

This product is also applicable for birds. Same rate of use applies based on 2mL per 1kg body weight.