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Avian Science Cockatiel Food 2KG


About this product

Whistler Avian Science Cockatiel 2kg is a complete and balanced seed diet suitable for cockatiels of all sizes. It is packed full of the key nutrients required in the everyday diet of cockatiels to keep them healthy, nourished, and strong. This tasty mixture is high in fibre and protein with added fruit to help improve muscles, bones, beaks and claws, and feathers, and is specifically formulated to provide a tasty and nutritious meal that will encourage your pet cockatiel to eat and enjoy regularly.

Some key features of Whistler Avian Science Cockatiel are:

  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to provide your bird with excellent health all year round.
  • Formulated from high-quality ingredients, seeds and grains.
  • Contains added calcium and shell grit to help maintain strong beaks and claws.
  • Provides a complete diet without the need for other supplements.
  • Made specifically from ingredients that cockatiels prefer and love to eat.
  • Comes in a pourable box with spout for easy and fuss-free serving at meal times.
  • Made in Australia.
  • Size: 2kg.

Ingredients: Panicum Millet. Wheat. Oats. Sorghum. Barley. Grey Sunflower. Black Sunflower. Safflower. Crushed Maize. Red Panicum Millet. White French Millet. Hulled Oats. Plain Canary Seed. Shirohie Millet. Canola. Paw Paw. Banana. Shell Grit.

Customer Reviews

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Whistler Avian Science Cockatiel

The only issue I have with the productis that it's difficult to find seed for our weiros that doesn't include sunflower seeds, which really should only be used as a treat for some birds as it can make them chonky